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Aboard the Truk Siren you can experience the world’s top rated wreck diving sites in comfort and ease. She will launch in November 2014 to offer year-round diving in Truk Lagoon. This vessel offers every amenity for the modern diver. While most of the best wrecks are at recreational limits many treasures can be found deeper. The Siren supports Tec diving and rebreather diving for those who have been trained. Pick either a 7-night or 10-night itinerary with the newest vessel in the Worldwide Dive and Sail fleet. While the focus is on the wrecks, you'll love the coral reefs found in Truk Lagoon.

Equipped with seven sails the ship has an expansive shaded leisure deck and dive deck area. Here you’ll find individual places for gear set up and personal storage. Inside you’ll find a spacious air-conditioned saloon with a cocktail bar, 42 inch flat screen & computer server supporting the inter-cabin network.
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The Truk Siren offers ample room for 16 guests in 8 cabins. The large air-conditioned cabins have their own audio-visual entertainment system and ensuite bathrooms with hot water.

All rooms are lavished with luxury extras including bathrobes, hair dryers, towels, individually controlled mood lighting and individual controls for your air-conditioning unit.

Laundry and massage services are available as well as free use of kayaks. There is a yacht boutique with a small selection of diving equipment and Worldwide Dive and Sail merchandise for sale.
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Truk is best known for its world-class wreck diving. There are over 61 wrecks, tightly packed into a coral reef lagoon. It is easy to understand why divers travel to this area time and time again. During WWII the Japanese fleet used Truk as one of their main staging points for attacks on the allied forces. In 1944 the America led "Operation Hailstorm" surprised the fleet resulting in the dive sites which we see there today. Many of the wrecks lie within recreational diving depths, however the Truk Siren will also offer Tec diving support for those wishing to dive deeper to take a closer look at history.

Many of the wrecks are "Maru" or merchant vessels that had been left at anchor, some had been fortified with anti-aircraft weapons and many carried important army supplies including Zero Fighter aircraft parts, tanks, torpedo shells, trucks and road supplies. Bottles, cooking utensils, items from everyday life and personal artifacts can be found in several of the wrecks, serving as a reminder to the visiting divers of those who lost their lives during the battle. The more gruesome reminders of the conflict, such as human skulls, have since been removed and are now only seldom seen in the deeper reaches of the wreckage.
Enriched Air Nitrox is free for all certified Nitrox divers, up to 32%. If you are not a certified Nitrox diver all our instructors can certainly teach you the PADI Enriched Air Specialty.
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Underwater photographers and videographers, will find both indoor and outdoor designated areas for charging and preparation of your camera and video equipment. Each cabin is fitted with an individual computer and multiple power sources to facilitate the needs of digital photography. The computer features high end specifications and 20” high definition flat screens, which are integrated with the yachts network server in the saloon.

On the dive deck large rinse tanks with fresh water solely for cameras are available.
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