Australia is the land of contrasts. From the tropical splendor of the Great Barrier Reef and North Queensland`s lush rainforests to the otherworldly beauty of the vast outback, there is something for everyone here. The rambunctious Aussies are some of the warmest and funniest people on earth. Stop a while and have a tinny (a beer) or billie tea with an Aussie and you have made a friend for life. Australia offers some of the wackiest wildlife anywhere. Where else will you find a drop bear, kanga or duck-billed platypus?

Crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, spectacular natural wonders and great hospitality; this is the Land Down Under. Whether you`re a snorkeler, trekker, opera fanatic, thrill seeker, scuba diver or just like to take life at your own pace, you will find the perfect holiday. There`s an amazing array of choices.

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This island country which is also a continent offers incredible dive opportunities. The Great Barrier Reef (approximately 1,240 miles in length) stretches along the Queensland coast. A variety of liveaboards ply the waters up and down the coast and there are island resorts on both the outer and inner reef. Turtles are a common sight and tiger sharks, as well as various other types of sharks, are always there for the thrill seekers. There`s more to Australia than the Great Barrier Reef—also check out Western Australia`s Ningaloo Reef and Rowley Shoals. Dive with the world`s largest fish at Ningaloo Reef in March and April each year when whale sharks come to feed. Rowley Shoals remains very untouched by divers offering virginal diving with large schools of fish and vivid corals. Adrenalin seekers should check out the great white shark dive expeditions.