An easy trip from the US, a visit to the Caribbean islands is the perfect introduction for a new diver or a relaxing and easy getaway for the more experienced. Between dives wander colonial plantations, hike volcanic peaks, plunge into freshwater pools below sparkling waterfalls, and stroll along white sandy beaches at sunset.

Join the party at the local hot spot and sample some spicy barbecue or fish curry washed down with a cold drink. Each island has a fascinating history and vibrant local culture. Luxuriate in the spa at a five-star resort or share a 3-bedroom condo with friends and family, there are plenty of choices.

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Crystal clear water, dramatic walls and playful dolphins are just a few of the underwater delights to be discovered in the Caribbean islands. Explore dozens of sunken ships enveloped in corals and history, once home to soldiers and pirates, now inhabited by eels and snappers.

Hunt for seahorses, frogfish and arrow crabs, check out a shark dive or even swim with southern stingrays. For the ultimate souvenir, learn a new specialty, try out technical diving or improve your photo skills with an experienced instructor.


The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is a country consisting of more than 3,000 islands, cays and islets sprinkled over 100,000 square miles [...]


Bonaire is a small island located in the southern Caribbean. Caressed by blue Caribbean waters teeming with exotic marine life, Bonaire’s 112 square miles of [...]

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the western Caribbean Sea. The territory comprises the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, [...]


Dominica, officially the Commonwealth of Dominica, is an island nation in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea. Nicknamed the “Nature Isle of the [...]

Puerto Rico

A Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory, Puerto Rico has fabulous beaches, year round sunshine and many opportunities for scuba diving, surfing, deep sea fishing [...]


Saba is a Caribbean island and the smallest special municipality of the Netherlands. At first glance Saba appears to be little more than a dark [...]

St. Eustatius

St. Eustatius, also known affectionately to the locals as Statia or Statius, is a Caribbean island and a special municipality of the Netherlands. The island [...]

St. Lucia

Saint Lucia is a volcanic, sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea on the boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean kisses its [...]

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is a volcanic island in the Caribbean. It is the largest island of the country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is brimming [...]

Trinidad & Tobago

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is located in the Lesser Antilles and just off the northeastern coast of Venezuela. Trinidad, the gateway to Tobago, [...]

Turks & Caicos

World class hotels, spas, and restaurants await, as do our famous stretches of uncrowded beaches and vibrant coral reefs. On land in a diving resort, [...]

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are sprinkled along the border between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The northeastern islands form the British Virgin Islands (also known [...]