Known for its stunning landscapes, colorful cultural traditions and world class diving, Indonesia is best explored in more than one trip. Each island has its own personality with tribal villages in Papua, ornate stone temples in Bali, arid volcanic peaks in Flores, endangered orangutans in Kalimantan and tiny tarsiers in Sulawesi being just a few of the experiences you can enjoy.

Indonesia offers a complete feast of the senses with mouth-watering curries, enchanting music and dance, handicraft-packed markets and lush landscapes. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Let Reef & Rainforest guide you to an amazing experience with a tailor made itinerary crafted just for you.

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At the very heart of the sea’s richest biodiversity lies Indonesia. Thriving in these warm waters you will find unique creatures from the ambon scorpionfish to the wobbegong shark. With over 17,000 islands, new dive sites and species are constantly being discovered and the terrain ranges from sandy shallows covered with critters to sheer walls patrolled by rays and reef fish.

Photographers will find themselves scrambling for more memory space. Fish watchers will need to bring extra slates to mark down the myriad species seen on each dive. All divers will benefit from some of the sharpest-eyed guides on the planet.

To learn more about Indonesia’s islands and the diving and topside experiences unique to each one, please click the links below for information by region.

Ambon and Banda

The Banda Sea and its islands remain off the beaten track of most travel itineraries, yet they are steeped in fascinating history and offer divers [...]

Bali and Lombok

Impossibly green rice terraces and striking volcanoes set the backdrop for these small inviting islands. Vibrant dance and music, exotic luxury spas, superb shopping, epic [...]


Covering two thirds of the island of Borneo, Kalimantan is a wild province seldom visited by travelers. Shrouded in large tracts of rainforest, traditional Dayak [...]

Komodo, Flores & Alor

The more distant islands of the Nusa Tenggara chain are full of excitement both above and below the water. Dramatic volcanic peaks rise out of [...]


Shaped like a 4 legged octopus, this large island has many miles of coastline and thickly forested interior. Small offshore islands offer an incredible variety [...]

West Papua and Raja Ampat

Tucked into the farthest reaches of the Indonesian archipelago are some of the most untouched landscapes and pristine reefs in the world. The western half [...]