Komodo, Flores & Alor

The more distant islands of the Nusa Tenggara chain are full of excitement both above and below the water. Dramatic volcanic peaks rise out of coastal fishing villages, the exposed red earth contrasting with green slopes. White sand beaches and turquoise water complete the picture.

Dare to visit the world’s largest lizards on Komodo Island, where the dragons were first discovered in 1926. Take in the breathtaking scenery and meet the friendly locals at Alor. Make the trek to see the mysterious Kelimutu crater lakes on Flores, each tinted by a different mineral, resulting in 3 distinct colors.

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With some areas longtime favorites and others only just being discovered, Nusa Tenggara entices divers for second and third trips. Wild currents converge at Komodo, Rinca and Flores attracting a diverse range of species and flowing over walls, channels, pinnacles and swim throughs. Everything from mantas, Napoleon wrasse and turtles down to pygmy sea horses, nudibranchs and Coleman shrimp can be found here.

The eastern end of Flores and Alor Island are off the beaten track and below the surface pristine reefs, sandy volcanic slopes and action packed channels await you. Muck sites are studded with scorpionfish, stargazers, octopus, ghost pipefish and fire urchins. Schooling barracuda, reef sharks and even mola mola can be seen playing in the current.