Solomon Islands

From the brilliant atolls of Rennel and Bellona to the dense green rainforests of Malaita, the volcanoes of Savo and waterfalls of Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands is a land of contrasts. Spend seven or ten nights on the Bilikiki  exploring the Russell and Florida Islands and Marovo lagoon.

The wonderful Uepi Island Resort sits on a palm-fringed white sand beach overlooking the world´s largest lagoon, Marovo. Experience Munda´s magic at Agnes Gateway Hotel diving with Dive Munda. Explore Guadalcanal´s Iron Bottom Sound. Finish off on the world´s best known wreck, the Tao Maru with Adventure Sports in Gizo.


The Solomon Islands are located east of Papua New Guinea, northeast of Australia and west of Fiji. Over a hundred islands strong, the landscape is lush and wild with dense tropical jungle and there are many volcanoes throughout the chain. The capital is Honiara on the island of Guadalcanal with a population of 30,000. English is the official language with Papuan, Melanesian and Polynesian languages widely spoken. Mingle with traditional Melanesian villagers, go on bush treks, volcano climbs, kayaking, rafting and canoe excursions, visit historical sites, skull caves and much more. The Solomon Islands are a great year around destination with the best months to visit being from April to December.

The climate is tropically warm and humid with coastal day temperatures averaging 87°F, cooling at night by mountain breezes to a pleasant 71°F. April to November tend to be drier months with cool trade winds and November to April is considered the wet season. Water temperatures vary between 80-85°F. The currency is the Solomon Islands Dollar.

Passports ARE required with at least six months of validity remaining, tourist visas will be given upon arrival. Departure tax is to be paid in local currency. Scuba certification cards ARE required in order to dive.

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To most, mentioning the Solomon Islands stirs up images of massive WWII naval battles thundering through the Guadalcanal. Today, the Solomon Islands are a tranquil setting and the only battalions you will encounter are sitting at the bottom of Guadalcanal and Marovo Lagoon. These coral encrusted wrecks are home to cruising pelagics and an abundance of marine life. Solomon Islands is also known as the Land of Contrasts for the variety of scenery and culture.

Discover the brilliant white atolls of Rennell and Bellona, the dense emerald rain forests of Malaita, the volcanoes of Savo and the waterfalls of Guadalcanal. Kick back on the isolated beaches of Marovo Lagoon and explore the incredible underwater sites where brilliant reef fish, fans, pelagics and more inhabit the walls, cracks, crevices and holes.