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Antarctica is a place of extremes. The coldest, windiest and highest continent, it has no permanent residents yet the mystery and beauty of this vast [...]


The Arctic Circle is defined by a curious phenomenon only observed in these latitudes known as the midnight sun. During the summers, when the pack [...]


An easy trip from the US, a visit to the Caribbean islands is the perfect introduction for a new diver or a relaxing and easy [...]

Ecuador & Galapagos

Located on the Pacific coast, Ecuador is one of the smallest countries in South America, but large on beauty and diversity. From the rugged mountain [...]


BIG ISLAND Explore Hawaii`s Big Island, and sense the power of volcano goddess Pele as she creates new land over old. See new vegetation growing [...]


Known for its stunning landscapes, colorful cultural traditions and world class diving, Indonesia is best explored in more than one trip. Each island has its [...]


Divided into two distinct regions, Malaysia lies just north of the equator. It is ethnically diverse with Malay, Indian and Chinese making up the majority [...]


Almost three thousand years before Europeans explored the vast Indian and Pacific Oceans, local seafarers from the Pacific rim had navigated thousands of miles of [...]


The Kingdom of Thailand is an independent country which lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. The country is bordered to the north by Laos [...]


Imagine standing on the lip of an erupting volcano, mingling with primitive villagers and members of the strange John Frum cult, and swimming with a [...]