Fiji to OPEN December 1st!

We are so happy to announce that Fiji will open on December 1st!  After almost 2 years Fiji is ready to safely welcome back divers.  Tourism has struggled, adapted, and prepared for this day and wants to celebrate with you. Fiji will welcome fully vaccinated travelers from partner countries including the US and Canada without […]

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Where Can You Scuba Dive Now?

Where can I go?  What do I need to enter XYZ country?  Will I be able to get home?  I’m vaccinated; do I need a negative COVID test?  These are the questions we get asked daily.  There are endless changes to entry requirements for countries that are open for tourism.  It’s all so confusing! Travel […]

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Looking to the Future

  We are all dreaming of when we can travel again.  We wish we had the answers for you but we just don’t know when borders will open.  Everyone is working month to month in this ever-changing environment of COVID-19. Reef & Rainforest has been busy rebooking trips for future travel after the initial chaos […]

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Rare Opportunity with Arenui – Alor Cruises

  Those well acquainted may know of Arenui´s schedule; reserved years in advance. An exclusive opportunity has arisen for a limited number of guests to join their Alor Cruise April 28 – May 8, 2020  | 2 cabins available or their Alor-Komodo Cruise May 10-22, 2020 | last cabin). Exquisite dining, luxurious cabins, decadent surroundings […]

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Reef & Rainforest has had a terrific year! 

Our sales team was able to get away from their busy desks, get in the water, and explore above and below. Jenny traveled with a small group for some fantastic diving at Tofo Beach Mozambique which is known for it’s Manta dives.  She then continued on into Kruger National Park in South Africopard eluded her.  She […]

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