Our Company

Reef & Rainforest is a full service travel agency specializing in scuba diving and water sport vacations.  Our staff are divers, adventure seekers and water sport enthusiasts.  We have been designing personalized itineraries for individuals and groups from the remote islands of Indonesia to the  stingrays of Grand Cayman since 1995.   Reef & Rainforest is a leader in customer service and personalized itineraries.  “Let our Experience be your Guide”.

ARC Accredited * ASTA * IATAN * CST 1021532-40

Jenny Collister

Jenny has worked in the travel industry for 33 years after obtaining her degree in Travel & Tourism. Her interest in diving began in the frigid Canadian waters near Edmonton in 1988. Since she has dived and traveled the world. Her passion for travel began at a young age watching her father on the “telly” as a CBC foreign correspondent in far off lands and listening to stories of his travels.  After years of travel and a year-long stint in Indonesia, she decided to spread her knowledge with scuba divers worldwide. In 2001 she bought Reef & Rainforest and has diligently worked at expanding it. Now serving as the President of the company, she continues to plan exciting adventures for her clients.  Deciding it was time to give back she ran and was elected to the DEMA board of directors in 2012.   In her spare time, she is an avid swimmer, skier, kayaker, equestrian and amateur chef.

Francilene Coffey

Francilene joined us in early 2007 and runs the day to day accounting and bookkeeping. Her amazing efficiency and accuracy with numbers makes Dawn especially fond of her. In May of 2000, she left behind her family and the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and moved to California. With only a suit case in her hand, she embarked on an exciting life changing adventure in hopes of learning English. With the help of a long time friend and determination, she has more than accomplished that goal. While on vacation in Santa Cruz a few years later, she met her husband Brent. They have a new baby boy and have been happily married since 2005. When she is not working with numbers, she enjoys spending time hiking, swimming and relaxing at the beach.

Dawn Catherine

Dawn is the head of our accounting department. She loves to travel almost as much as she loves preparing tax returns. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Spain, Dawn eventually ended up in California and found her way to Reef & Rainforest. She works with us one day a week and helps us keep track of our finances. She works with Francilene and all our agents, and we love her for it. Dawn lives with her son and traveling companion, Dakota, and their two Jack Russel Terriers, Max and Maddie.

Robin Lang

Born and raised in Canada, Robin has always known she was meant to see the world. Her passion for traveling has taken her to Asia, Africa, Central America, Australia, India and Europe. After her first dive in Thailand, Robin asked herself, how can I make a living at this? Three years later she took the PADI Instructor Exam in Utila, Honduras and moved to Tanzania to manage a dive center. While managing a dive center in East Africa Robin was fortunate enough to explore several African safari parks. It didn’t take long for her to discover her love for the beautiful scenery and all its wildlife. The only thing robin likes more than diving with dolphins is watching a pride of lions hunt on the Serengeti.

Melissa Coldham

Melissa, from a young age felt very passionate towards traveling and seeing the world. In college she enrolled in a Scuba Diving course, fell in love with the underwater world and discovered a way to combine her passion for travel with her new adoration for scuba diving. After completing her major in Recreation Management at Ohio University she moved to the Florida Keys to work and train as a PADI Dive Instructor. For several summers she worked with teenagers on liveaboards, cruising Caribbean Islands while teaching Scuba and Sailing. For the last 6 years as a certified instructor Melissa has extensively traveled and dived throughout the Caribbean with brief visits to Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Melissa’s most recent travels have brought her to Portland, Oregon where she enjoys hiking, cooking, skiing and diving. Her love for Scuba diving and her first-hand knowledge of the Caribbean is a fantastic addition to the Reef & Rainforest team.

Mike Hoppe

In 1996 Mike departed his Colorado home for the Caribbean with nothing but a backpack and a few dollars. After his first experience underwater he was hooked. He was eventually certified as an instructor in 1996 and worked for a local dive operator. After a few years of fun in the sun, he returned to Colorado and continued working in the industry for a dive center in Denver. Mike began working in the travel side of the dive business in 2005. His love for travel and diving have taken him to the far reaches of the world that includes Indonesia, The Philippines, The Galapagos Islands, The Maldives, Fiji, Palau & Yap and many different destinations in the Caribbean. When he is not diving (or talking about it), he enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, photography, and pretty much anything associated with the outdoors.