Honeymoon Registry

8 Feb, 2016

Don’t need a toaster, Cuisinart or ceramic cat? Have your wedding guests help pay for your dream honeymoon.

4 step guide to the Reef & Rainforests Honeymoon Registry

1) Plan your dream honeymoon with your Reef & Rainforest travel consultant.
2) Once your trip is planned Reef & Rainforest will come up with a list of gifts ranging in price from 25 – 300$. The categories will be flights, accommodation, adventure and romance. Guests like giving fun gifts like massages, champagne, hot air balloon rides and shark feeding!
3) Guest can choose their gift, complete a credit card authorization or send us a check for payment. The registry works best if you put this on your wedding web site or you can provide guests with the list.
4) Reef & Rainforest will send a gift card to your guests to give to you on your big day.

Congratulations and happy planning!

For more information please contact us.

*Reef & Rainforest charges 10% of trip cost to facilitate your honeymoon registry.

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