Brief from the Reef: Wrecks Down, Surfs up.

17 Apr, 2013

Hello Recipient,
Here we have an archipelago of specials that all happen to be part of an archipelago. A new liveaboard in Truk, big savings in the Philippines and an action packed dive resort in Fiji.

Creating unique specialized itineraries for scuba divers that like to travel is our forte. Please let us be your resource for your next diving vacation.

April Newsletter Truk Siren

In a little over a year and a half the Truk Siren will be making it’s first trip in Micronesia. (This gives you plenty of time to brush up on your WWII history.) We’re hoping you could be one of the first to report back what it’s like to dive off a Siren Vessel in Truk Lagoon. Give us a call when you can, so we can reserve your space. The tropical waters of the South Pacific are waiting for you?

April Newsletter Atlantis

Perhaps your dream vacation goes something like this. Wake up in the South Pacific and enjoy a gourmet breakfast. Put on your swim suit go for an amazing dive. Have lunch, get a massage, go for a dive. Have a delicious dinner then go for a night dive. All directed by a helpful staff in a comfortable dive resort. Sounds like heaven? What if we said you could go and your buddy gets half off? Would you call us and book it then? That happens to be exactly what we are saying. Here’s more info and our number 800-794-9767.

April Newsletter waidroka

There’s so much to do at Waidroka Bay Resort in Fiji. Choose from rafting, fire & mekke dancing, zip lining, village tours, waterfalls, Suva Museum, golf, surfing and scuba diving. Scuba divers also enjoy a variety of dive sites like Beqa Lagoon, Frigates Walls, shark dives, Coral Coast and Cakau. It’s also the perfect place to just sit around and relax. Check out the great price on their Ultimate Dive Adventure Fiji Special here.

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