Brief from the Reef: The Best Conditions For Your Diving Vacation & Why It’s Not What You Think

17 Jul, 2013

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Hurricane season, rainy season and summer heat. At first glance, those don’t sound like fun. Your instincts say, “Don’t go there then.” In this newsletter we will highlight some destinations where your instincts may be steering you wrong.

Komodo Scuba Diving

Seek the heat in Komodo

In Indonesia, Komodo’s best diving happens in the summer. Less rain and calmer seas with more liveaboards to choose from. Your backyard thermometer may be telling you that Komodo dragons and Rinca Bay go with sleighbells and champagne toasts at midnight. But your dive log and camera will thank you for for thinking of Komodo along with bikinis and BBQs.

Pro tip: Indonesia is a big country and offers dive locations that are wonderful any time of year. Click here to see our selection of Komodo liveaboards, then check with your experienced travel consultant for advice on which region is best for the time of year you want to go.

Galapagos Scuba Diving

Singing in the rain at Galapagos

Many divers know the most sought after travel dates are during whale shark season, but did you know that at this time the weather at Wolf and Darwin, will be overcast and misty? Ask Reef & Rainforest travel consultant Mike Hoppe about the time he had 28 whale shark sightings over 8 dives. He didn’t mind the gloomy weather one bit.

Pro tip: Enjoy the cloudy time of year in the Galapagos July – October. That means whale sharks are likely. Browse our Galapagos liveaboards here. Keep in mind, Galapagos wildlife is teaming year-round, just not with whale sharks. Schools of hammerhead sharks and animals you-can-only-see-in-Ecuador can be seen any time of year.

Caribbean Scuba Diving

Dodging Hurricanes in the Caribbean

You’ll be hard pressed to find a travel agent endorsing a dive trip during hurricane season. It’s definitely not a choice for those who like to play it safe. However, calm warm waters, better visibility and great prices are the pay-off if you’re brave enough to take the risk. Click here to see our best selling Caribbean destinations.

Pro tip: Buy trip insurance when you book your trip to the Caribbean, whether it’s during hurricane season or not.

Whatever the time of year, you can count on the experience of Reef & Rainforest staff to guide you to the destinations that will be at their very best for diving and marine life encounters. Give us a call today!


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