Where Can You Scuba Dive Now?

22 Mar, 2021

Where can I go?  What do I need to enter XYZ country?  Will I be able to get home?  I’m vaccinated; do I need a negative COVID test?  These are the questions we get asked daily.  There are endless changes to entry requirements for countries that are open for tourism.  It’s all so confusing!

Travel professionals have become professional Googlers during this pandemic.  Just Google “Is XYZ open for tourists” and see the dozens of responses you get.  Seems easy?  It’s not, many of those results are older articles and requirements may have changed.  They will all have disclaimers of accuracy at the time of publication.  The only way to be sure you have accurate information is to go to the source, the countries official government website.  Bookmark it and check it 7 days prior, 3 days prior, and 1 day prior to departure to make sure nothing has changed.  Sounds like a lot of work?  It is and your travel specialist does it all day, every day, and has the answers.

Vaccinated?  How about Belize?  They have lifted the negative COVID test if you have proof of vaccination.  This is good news and hopefully something we will see more of.  Does this mean you don’t need a negative COVID test to come home?  No, you still need that.


Looking for something exotic?  How about the Maldives, Cocos Island, or Socorro?  They have adapted so well that your return COVID test can be done on some of the liveaboards with the results waiting at the airport for your return flight.  Mexico is open to everyone, come and enjoy the sun!

These are just a few of the options in the ever-changing landscape of travel during COVID.  It has never been more important to work with your dive travel specialist.  If they are answering the phone, responding to your questions, they have likely weathered the storm as travel starts to pick up.  They want a long-term relationship and are very invested in helping you sort through all the chatter.

Trust Reef & Rainforest to manage your travel planning and be your guide.  Let us do all the work so you can do all the relaxing.  Call us or e-mail now to get started on your next dive adventure.

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