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Abu Camp At Abu Camp you are invited to immerse yourself in the majestic world of the African elephant and to become part of the herd during your stay. Abu Camp is set in a pristine pocket of riverine forest and blends in seamlessly with the magnificent surrounding hardwood trees. Looking out over a large lagoon, an imaginative use of canvas has created a unique and luxurious style of tent. Well-lit pathways link the tents, lounge, dining area, library, study, gym and swimming pool.


An imaginative use of canvas and pole has created a unique style of tent with high ceilings, wide and airy spaces, blending in flawlessly with the natural surroundings. Each of the six en-suite accommodation units has its own distinctive furnishings and fittings, many of them antique, imparting an air of opulence amid the bush setting. Each tent has its own private elevated teak deck sculpted around one of the lofty sycomore figs or jackalberry trees with vistas the likes of which only the Okavango Delta can boast.


Abu Camp is unique in that it allows guests to interact with the resident elephant herd, meeting each individual and initiating a journey into the complex behavior of the largest land mammal on Earth. Guests at Abu Camp are invited to become part of the elephant herd during their stay, watching the evening feeding, sharing the simple joy of a frolicking youngster, and accompanying them on foot as they move through the bush.

These elephant encounters provide unforgettable magical moments. And viewing wildlife from atop an elephant allows a closer approach to other animals than can be achieved when simply walking as an obvious human figure.

Abu Camp also offers morning and afternoon game drives, night drives and nature walks to view the abundance of fauna and flora in the area. During the seasonal floods of the Okavango Delta, guests are invited to take to the waters in the mokoros, the traditional poled craft used in the Okavango Delta.

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