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This intimate resort is situated on a 400-meter white sandy beach on Pantar Island. To preserve the authentic atmosphere of the location, special care was taken to integrate the resort into its natural surroundings. Construction was done with traditional methods, local timber, and natural materials. The architecture is designed by local craftsmen and most of the work was done by the local community. To enhance the friendly ambiance and personalized service, the number of guests is limited to 12. The hospitable working team consists of locals from a nearby village, a few assistants from the main town of Kalabahi and Western management and all are committed to giving you a memorable stay in this island retreat.

The restaurant is a relaxing area that accommodates possibilities for some daily activities and “inactivity” if you want to relax and enjoy a drink or a book. In addition to the dining area, it also holds a library and computer corner as well as a comfortable lounge. The computer is available to download and manipulate digital photos. Complimentary tea and coffee are available at all times and in the afternoon there is a selection of sweet or savory snacks offered.

To assure you an enjoyable stay daily activity areas like the dive center, restaurant and kitchen are located at a sufficient distance from private bungalows, which are all at the seaside.



The thatch roofed bungalows are built in the traditional Indonesian architectural style. Wooden construction enables the see breeze to bring the natural aeration and freshness indoor so there is no need for other air-conditioning. All the bungalows are same size (36 sq meters) and the same standard. The interiors are designed with simplicity to enhance the pristine spirit of the place. Each bungalow has an indoor sitting corner, ceiling fan, wardrobe, coffee table and large table for camera manipulation. Several 220V plugs are supplied with 24hrs reliable electricity. The beds are double size, all protected with removable mosquito net. Upon request it is possible to organize two twin beds instead. Each has a private bathroom with western style toilet and shower (hot and cold running water). towels and basic toiletries like soap, shampoo and toothpaste.

Spacious private terraces all have an impressive view of the sea and spectacular Pantar strait. Gentle breeze and calming sounds of the sea can easily make you dream away so be cautious not to miss your next dive! To add to your privacy each bungalow is situated at min 15 m distance from each other.


The dive center offers space for equipment rinsing and storage as well as spacious camera counter that includes a 220V charging station. Your diving gear as well as your UW photography equipment can be safely left at all times in the dive center.

All of the dive sites are within 1 to 7 nautical miles (5 to 35 min by speed boat). Because of the large Pura Island in the middle of the narrow Pantar Strait, the current can be quite strong at certain sites. Nevertheless, safety is our major concern and the dive locations are chosen according to the tide table in order get appropriate conditions.

Alor is a place for incredible surprises! Here nothing is guaranteed, but mola mola (sunfish), thresher shark, hammerhead shark, whale and marlin have all been seen many times. Napoleons, giant trevally, reef shark, turtles, barracudas, eagle rays, giant grouper, huge dogtooth tuna and more are usual encounters.

And that’s not all… These protected reefs have a lot more to offer - from intact coral slopes and walls to scenic rock formations, Alor will enchant everyone. The growth is exuberant, with such an astonishing variety of soft and hard coral that your will almost forget to breathe. Macro lovers will not be left out, critter diving is a highlight in Alor.

The colorful slopes of Pura Island are home of the cute mandarin fish, but also frog fish, blue ribbon eel, leaf fish, harlequin ghost pipe fish, pygmy sea horse, etc. In south Pantar the water is generally colder and the reef coverage is mainly soft coral. The fish life is amazing and an unbelievable variety of nudibranchs can be found. More north, the walls around Ternate offer beautiful underwater scenery, including caves and multiple overhangs; divers are often gently drifting, surrounded by schools of fusilier, sergeant majors and tuna.

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