Argo (boat)Argo is a 130-foot vessel (40 meters) with a very intentional blend of work ship and luxury yacht. With full global reach, she specializes in extended, multi-task cruises and she is the mother-ship to the remarkable DeepSee submersible.

Fourteen well seasoned crew look after the ship, the projects and the guest’s every need. A comfortable and stylish lounge, dining area and sun deck comprise the social areas. The ambience is completed with original, undersea themed artwork throughout. The well-equipped galley enables the ship’s chefs to prepare fresh, international level, four-star cuisine for meal times or at the “drop of a hat”.


Argo can accommodate 18 passengers in 9 spacious, well-appointed staterooms. 6 Staterooms have a queen size bed and 3 have side by side twin beds. Each cabin has a luxurious private bathroom with granite counters equipped with 110-volt outlets suitable for your electronic equipment, desk, chair, ample storage and individual AC controls. 3 upper deck Panorama cabins feature large windows, while lower deck cabins have portholes. There is a satellite telephone for international calls, a satellite connection to send and receive e-mails and a flat screen TV with DVD player.


Cocos Island’s world-renowned waters explode with life, including innumerable white tip reef sharks, schooling hammerhead sharks, dolphins, mantas and marbled rays, giant moray eels, sailfish, and of course the occasional whale shark. Other common encounters are large schools of jacks and tuna, silky sharks, silver tip sharks, marlin, Creole fish, green turtles and octopus. Cocos Island is also home to at least 27 endemic fish species including the exotic rosy-lipped batfish.

Diver facilities are extremely well designed with individual gear storage, a deck shower and a dry towel after every dive. On board you will find scuba, Nitrox, rebreather facilities and zero-speed stabilizers. Three powerful 24-foot skiffs track the submersible, shepherd divers to remote sites, etc. All skiffs are powered by fumeless 4-cycle, 115 HP twin-outboard motors that can bring you rapidly to any dive site within an extended, safe radius of the mothership. They are further equipped with VHF radios, depth sounders and portable GPS. Roof and rigid bow cover is also mounted on these vessels for your comfort.



Have you ever wondered what lies within the dark Abyss? Since the first deep ocean explorations, venturing to these depths was reserved for a very few privileged scientists and military personnel. Now it can be your turn. Guests on board Argo can combine their regular scuba dives with several 2 hour submersible dives.

The DeepSee is a custom-build one-atmosphere submarine, capable of carrying a pilot and two passengers to a depth of 1,500 feet (450 meters). The view from DeepSee’s acrylic sphere is unparalleled, with a 360-degree field of vision. The 4-inch thick acrylic sphere actually disappears when immersed, giving the astonishing sensation of total freedom.


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