Blue Manta Explorer


An experience of a lifetime awaits you onboard the magnificent Blue Manta Explorer. The high crew and guest ratio ensures attentive, outstanding and personalized service. Stable, spacious and safe, the Blue Manta is fully equipped to take you on a fascinating diving adventure in the magical waters of Indonesia.


Blue Manta Explorer will take only 18 guests. There are 14 beautifully furnished en-suite cabins, each average 20sqm (200sf) in size comprising of single cabins and twin/double cabins. There are 6 cabins on the upper deck with window, 4 cabins on the main deck with window and 4 cabins on below deck with a port hole.


The Blue Manta Explorer is based full time in Indonesia. She spends half the year diving in Komodo National Park and half the year diving around Raja Ampat in the remote West Papua. Komodo National Park has one of the world's richest marine environments. It consists of over 260 species of reef building coral, 70 different species of sponges, crustaceans, cartilaginous fishes (including manta ray and sharks), as well as marine reptiles and marine mammals such as dolphins, whales, and dugongs. Raja Ampat is all about diversity, not only diversity of species, but also of dive sites. There are some areas where soft corals and sea fans dominate, others with hard corals, seagrass beds, mangroves, shallow reefs, drop offs, caves, black sand and white sand. There are more species of fish life here than anywhere else in the world.

The Blue Manta Explorer is equipped with camera-friendly facilities. Designed for the most avid underwater photographers including individual rinse tanks, wide outdoor work table, indoor dry camera room, blow-dry stations and small dive groups (4 photographers : 1 guide).


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