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Juliana's (ExteriorMtScenery)Juliana’s Hotel has the perfect location, nestled in the lush hillside in the village of Windward side, where the days are warm, the nights are refreshingly cool, the birds are chirping, and a gentle breeze flows through your room.

Just steps away from your room or cottage, Tropics Café serves your included breakfast, and offers a full lunch menu and great theme nights.

Together with its pool and hot tub facilities, it’s a unique venue enjoyed by hotel guests, other tourists and islanders alike.

With personalized service and superior amenities, Juliana’s Hotel soothes the most agitated of spirits within hours of arrival, creating the ultimate retreat from everyday life. Come discover this peaceful, stress-free and laid-back haven.



Juliana’s Hotel offers a variety of accommodations suited to each individual’s preference.

The comfortable garden-view and ocean-view rooms are equipped with iPod dock, flat screen TV with satellite and complimentary wifi. Garden-view rooms are air-conditioned and some feature kitchenettes while ocean-view have private balconies with hammocks.

For those who seek more luxurious accommodations, Juliana’s Hotel offers a fully equipped apartment or a choice of three private Saban cottages.

Each has unique features such as private gardens, Jacuzzi, rock-enclosed outdoor bathroom, and a private deck with a view. Cottages have historical details and the apartment has it's own mango tree.


Diving is with Sea Saba.

With only a 15-minute drive from Juliana’s Hotel to the Captain Leo Chance Pier (Fort Bay Harbor), the taxi driver will take you on a scenic tour of the island before taking your first step onto the dive boat. The winding road that leads down to Fort Bay is a marvel all its own, known as the “Road That Could Not Be Built”, but don’t worry, you are in the capable hands of experienced drivers.

Sea Saba is a PADI 5-Star Resort and National Geographic Dive Center. They offer a full range of training, equipment rental including cameras and Nitrox facilities.  Uncrowded boats, attentive service and professionalism are the core making the most of each underwater experience.

Saba’s volcanic origins have blessed her waters with spectacular formations and structural diversity. From shallow patch reefs to deep water seamounts, Saba offers interesting diving at each depth and for every diver's experience level.

The Saba Marine Park now boasts more than 30 permanently moored dive sites ranging from dramatic pinnacles covered in sea fans and sponges and surrounded schools of tropical fish, jacks, groupers or even members of Saba's robust shark population, to white sand with impressive hard coral inhabited by nudibranch, frogfish and juvenile fishes.


Juliana’s Hotel is close to the Mount Scenery stairs, which take you to the highest point within the Dutch Kingdom (3000+ feet). You’re also in a great spot to gain access to the crossroads of the island's most scenic trails. Enjoy the fascinating changes in vegetation along the way and the magnificent views of the neighboring islands.

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