Kia Ora Sauvage


Kia Ora Sauvage (littleisland)The Kia Ora Sauvage is located on a private island, a one hour boat ride away from the Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa, on the southern part of Rangiroa. The Kia Ora Sauvage will seduce you with its authenticity, its warm and its unique natural setting. The small private island is indeed one of the most beautiful sites of Rangiroa with its lush vegetation and magnificent stretch of white sand on the surface of the lagoon.

A “fare” decorated with sculpted wood and equipped with a lounge, bar and restaurant to complement the site. Kia Ora Sauvague ofers a unique experience combined with the authenticity of true Polynesia.


This little part of paradise is home to five beach bungalows fully designed using traditional materials such as pandanus, exotic wood and bamboo.

Each bungalow is romantically lit by oil lanterns (no electricity) and includes a bathroom with hot shower, shampoo, conditioner, soap and shower gel.


The atoll of Rangiroa is world renowned for its spectacular diving sites, including the famous Tiputa and Avatoru passes, which are located on either side of Kia Ora. Dives are action-packed and exhilarating, with sightings of dolphins, marlin, grey and hammerhead sharks and manta rays. On drift dives with the current flowing, pelagic encounters offer unforgettable moments of wonder.

At the passes, fly over the submarine canyons and meet hundreds of species that inhabit this environment. Observe gray reef sharks, Napoleon fish, tuna, manta rays, turtles, groupers and other reef fish, check out the Shark Cave or enjoy a dolphin encounter.

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