Klein’s Camp


Klein's Camp Set in a landscape that is gentle yet rugged, Klein’s reflects the heart of this untamed land with a vintage safari style.

Boasting one of the finest views in Africa, even the swimming pool at Klein’s Camp overlooks smoky views of distant hills. The stone interiors of the guest areas open up to breathtaking panoramas, with open fireplaces carefully positioned to keep the chill away. Stone floors and deep leather armchairs invite you to while away the midday hours in comfort, with bound tomes and classic African memorabilia for company. Fine linen, silver and china sparkle in the candlelight in the open dining area, while mouth-watering aromas announce the arrival of hearty meals.


With just ten thatched stone cottages, Klein’s Camp provides an experience that is both personal and intimate. Whitewashed walls and rich wooden floors, combined with soft cream furnishings, create a calm and soothing refuge from the adventures of the day. Inspired by the breathtaking natural backdrop, relax on your private veranda with a pair of binoculars, or indulge your inner artist with a sketch book or watercolors. When night falls, snuggle down in your canopied bed and listen to the sounds of Africa unfold around you.


The Serengeti is home to literally millions of large herbivores, as well as the accompanying carnivores and prolific birdlife. Klein’s Camp offers excellent year-round lion, leopard and cheetah viewing, with individually recognisable leopard regularly located. Huge resident herds of buffalo and breeding herds of elephant ensure exceptional game sightings. During the Great Migration, almost two million wildebeest, zebra, eland and Thomson’s gazelle follow the annual rains through the Serengeti to the adjacent Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya in search of prime grazing.

As the dense herds of herbivores move across the plains, they are shadowed by predators and scavengers. Lion, and hyena, as well as the more elusive cheetah and leopard, mingle with the migrating masses, while vulture and jackal await their scraps. The Serengeti is famous for its large lion population and a number of prides have their territories in the Klein’s concession. It is not only scavengers and predators that accompany the migration, with up to 500 000 zebra leading the way and arriving first at the crossings. The small and compact Thomson’s gazelle bring up the rear.

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