Maldives Aggressor


MaldivesAggressorYacht2The Maldives Aggressor is a 115 ft long yacht with a 26 ft. beam and 9 ft. draft built and powered for comfort, safety and stability and certified SOLAS “Safety of Lives at Sea. She is diesel and sail powered and cruises at 12 knots. She takes 20 passengers.

The Maldives Aggressor has a beautiful spacious salon, sundeck with shading, chaise lounges, deck chairs, bar, grill, and a complete photo/video center. The menu onboard is varied and plentiful, with a variety of American feasts, barbecues as well as local cuisine.


All of the 10 staterooms are located on the main deck and have en suite bathrooms with shower, closet, porthole, hairdryers and individual AC climate control.

There are 6 staterooms with a lower double and upper single berth and 4 staterooms with 2 single berths. The double and 2 of the twin staterooms have portholes in the cabin and bathrooms. The other twin staterooms at the bow of the vessel do not have portholes in the bathrooms.


The Maldives offer three distinctly different types of diving: inside the atolls, outside the atolls and inside the channels or passes, which is where the currents are strongest and you'll find the greatest congregation of fish life. Most intriguing are the cleaning stations, found around every corner and under every ledge. Groupers, Snappers, Surgeonfish, Eels, Parrotfish, even Giant Napoleon Wrasse park casually in corners, oblivious to all, (including cameras) while armies of wrasse, shrimp and other assorted cleaners pick at debris in their open gills and cavernous mouths.

The big attraction, however, are the schools of fish that patrol the reefs in colorful packs: Humpback and Black and White Snappers, Trevally Jacks, Barracuda, Batfish, Unicornfish, Yellowback Fusiliers and Harlequin Sweetlips almost comical in design. The reef's larger inhabitants, including sharks, rays and occasionally even Whale Sharks, are often seen cruising in the blue.

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