Meridian Adventure Dive Resort


Meridian Adventures Dive Resort located near the village of  Waisai with daily transfers by local ferry.   They aim to help the local community obtain the revenue stream that allows them to become the custodians of the regions wild heritage.

They are resolved to making a positive contribution to the conservation of the ocean waters and marine ecosystems. As a part of their conservation initiative, they practice trying to avoid the use of single-use plastics, promote sustainable fishing.  They grow their own produce to eliminate unnecessary packing materials and commit to a regular beach and mangrove clean-up to set the example for the community.

Their resort offers a fusion restaurant. The menu is designed with an international flair, embracing food in its natural form, allowing for clean, uncomplicated flavors. Using fresh produce into each individual meal – from the vibrant breakfasts to refreshing lunches, sunset canapés, and dinners.


Meridian has 30 air conditioned double or twin modern, simple, clean, and comfortable rooms. Each room has USB ports and international plugs to charge all your devices.  Feel at home in the freshness of their interiors, serviced throughout the day and maintained impeccably. From the modern uncluttered comfort of extremely well designed boutique hotel rooms to the beautiful, custom made Lintea Mare linens, you will experience your dive vacation in a way you will remember forever.



The entire operation is set up to focus on the three important components of a dive vacation. High-tech, ultra-reliable equipment. The perfect dive site every time in consideration to tidal streams and environmental conditions.  They offer "as many dives as you can handle" on comfortable dive boats.


Take a break from diving to enjoy SUP and village visits.

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