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In the Indonesian archipelago, in North Sulawesi, there`s a very fortunate region because it`s beautiful, fertile, bright and gentle at the same time. Perhaps this is the reason why the people here are always so serene and happy. Most of the staff who welcome you at Minahasa Lagoon are local people. From the cooks to the personnel responsible for diving, for the garden, for the swimming pool or the rooms. Expert and well-trained people who love their work and consequently do it well. But first and foremost, its`s their wonderful good mood which will charm you.


Minahasa Lagoon is composed of 15 cottages each with 2 to 4 beds, a swimming pool, 2 restaurants, a diving center, and various boats more than 10 meters long and private buses. Since ancient times, the local inhabitants have called this place “Mangatasik” which literally means” a beauty which leaves you open-mouthed.” And that is how we want it to stay. At Minahasa Lagoon every comfortable and air-conditioned bungalow has its own veranda overlooking the sea so that the surrounding view can be fully appreciated.

Both the exterior of the buildings and the interior furnishings are made from the excellent wood from the nearby Molucca Islands. The typical stones of the area have been used for fittings, bridges, and protection so that the resort is in perfect harmony with the surrounding atmosphere.

All the cottages have been built in the typical architectural style of the region. Besides the central restaurant, where the finest international cuisine is served along side tasty local specialties, there is the charming jungle resta4rrant immersed in the vegetation and high on the lagoon, a characteristic and delightful ‘hut’ where the most traditional recipes of the region can be discovered. The swimming pool is “lowered” into the sea, in front of the restaurant. In the evening, the illumination creates a suggestive play of lights which pleasantly accompanies a candle light dinner.

Everything has been done to make your stay as comfortable as possible without causing any damage to the wild beauty of the place. The particular comfort the large rooms, carefully and tastefully furnished but not over-elaborate, the solid and substantial presence of wood, the combination of taste and functionality which characterizes every detail. The showers, in stone, are partially surrounded by vegetation and some beautiful native flowers will always be present in the room. As soon as you wake up, you will continue to dream, while breakfasting on the veranda surrounded by the perfume of the forest. A day full of things to do, to see and discover awaits you: But the first thing you will discover in Minahasa Lagoon is how wonderful it is just to do nothing at all.


For the last twenty years, enthusiasts have considered Manado one of the most fascinating places for scuba diving, thanks to its unique and unrivalled bio-diversity. In a relatively small area – the marine park of Bunaken and Manado – more than three thousand varieties of fish and about three hundred species of coral are present. Particularly good visibility all the year round makes snorkeling an unparalleled spectacle.

The diving center is equipped with the most modern gear, such as the latest generation Bauer compressors, and is directed by European PADI instructors. Even if you have never dreamed in depth, we will teach you easily: the courses are open to everybody and are an integral part of the resort’s programs. The people who come to Minahasa Lagoon to enjoy everything is has to offer above water will soon discover the magic under water. And those who come to enjoy everything it has to offer underwater will soon be enchanted by the spellbinding atmosphere above water. In other words, you will be turned upside down.

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