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The Nautilus Belle Amie knows Big Animal Diving.  With over 25 years of experience, they have a pretty good idea of when and how to get you in the water for the best possible diving experiences off Baja California (Mexico).  Their trips are scheduled to follow the natural rhythms of the most interesting Baja diving whether it’s intimate encounters with the giant mantas, dolphins and 10 kinds of sharks at Socorro Island or diving to 30 feet with the fascinating and surprisingly calm great white sharks of Guadalupe Island.


Premium Suites - Two spacious premium suites are available on the main deck. These rooms have ensuites with double sinks. Large windows, plenty of sunlight, large storage area and personal flat screen TV. (Available in single or double occupancy).

Superior Suites - The Nautilus Belle Amie has 5 superior suites on the upper deck. Superior rooms have large double windows. (Double occupancy, single also available).

Staterooms - The lower deck has 8 comfy staterooms with various bed configurations (single and double occupancy). An affordable triple occupancy stateroom is also available.



The best way to observe great white sharks is to descend into their world and interact with them on their own terms in a natural way from Nautilus’ double-decker submersible cages. Conditions permitting, you can get out from behind the bars on the upper deck of 2 of these cages with only a single hand-rail between you and these incredible apex predators. Highly experienced divemasters in the submersible cages are always there to both “critter point” and ensure your safety. Guests on the Nautilus Explorer have 4 cages at varying depths to choose from providing the best way to see lots of “whiteys” up close and very personal.


Dive and interact with the friendliest giant mantas in the world. At Socorro, these giants choose to interact with divers. They come in very close, sometimes less than 1 meter, make eye contact and then swim along beside you, totally on their terms. It is very likely that bottlenose dolphins will also move in close and intimate to divers during your trip. Shark sightings are also very good at Socorro Island with common sightings of silky, galapagos, hammerhead, white tip and silver tip sharks. Humpback whale sightings and whale sharks are possible in season.

Sea of Cortez

It is always exciting to see hammerhead sharks and whale sharks when they pass through this area. There are lots of turtles in these waters and you will likely spot large schools of jacks, tunas, lots of small rays, garden eels and species of fish too numerous to count. The colony of California sea lions at Los Islotes are quite famous and will entertain you for hours with their playful underwater antics. These are very relaxing trips but be warned that there isn’t the same “edge” as voyaging out to Socorro Island with giant mantas and sharks everywhere. Sea of Cortez trips are very enjoyable and we liken them to swimming in a giant aquarium with an amazing diversity of animals in bath temperature water.

Ask us about the San Benitos and Clipperton Atoll itineraries too.


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