Pelagian Dive Yacht_photo Shawn Levin For many years, the Pelagian has widely been regarded as one of the premier live-aboard dive vessels in the SE Asia / South-Pacific region and she`s earned an unparalleled reputation for her quality operations and unique itineraries. Her credits include numerous documentaries, features and stories in National Geographic, diving and travel magazines, films and television productions around the world. Under new management she will retain all that people loved about her while receiving additional service strength and operational quality.

The Pelagian comfortably accommodates twelve guests and has tremendous range and sea-keeping abilities. She`s one of the largest vessels in the industry for such a limited number of passengers. This means plenty of comfort and lots of space for each diver.

Best of all, because the Pelagian vessel is fully integrated into Wakatobi Dive Resort`s award-winning marine conservation and community development programs, it will have exclusive access to the diving sites within the extended Wakatobi region.


The master stateroom is huge - probably the largest in the industry today. Full-size queen bed for two, ample floor space, sofa, lounge chair. Ensuite bathroom as well as a separate small beauty room. Located on the main deck level. This is a very large and comfortable cabin.

The superluxe room is located at the rear of the boat and is accessed by its own stair case. There is one double & one single bunk, a lounge seat for reading in-between. This is a very private cabin, ideal for couples. It contains an ensuite bathroom.

The deluxe cabin has one double & one single bed, ensuite bathroom and plenty of space. Very bright and airy.

There is one standard cabin with two side by side single beds and an ensuite bathroom. Another standard cabin has two bunk beds and an ensuite bathroom. It is located at the center of the boat with the least movement. For those that need to have a very dark room to sleep well this is the best choice.


Experienced and well-traveled divers - many who have visited numerous famous dive destinations all over the world - frequently tell us they have never seen such a vast, pristine and enjoyable reef area as in the one in Wakatobi.

And while the selection of sites accessible with the Resort`s dive boats is very large, there is still so much more to see in the area. This is why the Pelagian will now be plying these waters.

There are literally hundreds of world class dive sites -- many still unexplored. Many incredible number of divesites to explore with the Pelagian and considering the incredible variety of hard and soft corals, fish and invertebrates comprising the healthy reefs in this area, it`s a pleasure enjoying long , amazing dives here are the epicenter of marine biodiversity.

Note in 2004 Dr. Les Kaufman Professor of Biology at the Boston University Marine Program and Center for Ecology and Conservation Biology counted 301 species of fish on the Wakatobi Dive Resort housereef. This area is really teeming with life!!!

There is no need for long speedboat transfers to see reefs teeming with life. Dive sites are within minutes of the where the boat will go. The reefs in Wakatobi provide habitats for the tiniest to the biggest and the most beautiful to the weirdest marine creatures. The closer you look, the more you will see. Many of the sites you`ll explore with the Pelagian are remote pinnacles and steep ridges offering more fish action than the sites that area is famous for - this also means that you`ll need to expect some currents so leave your split-fins at home (bring sturdy paddle fins) and prepare for some action-dives:)

Each season in this region has its own particular highlights. The hundreds of kilometers of reef structure in the area (it`s about 14 times larger than Bunaken marine park in northern Sulawesi) provide every imaginable marine animal including whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, tunas, barracudas, marlin and more. Of course, if you want to see these big beauties, you have to be fortunate enough to be at the right place at the right time and this is where the Pelagian comes in! On popular demand we have now established a way for our guests to visit the more remote reefs and pinnacles where the chance for schooling fish is greater. As many of these sites are a bit more challenging to dive we recommend that guests choosing the Pelagian have at least 50 or so dives under their belt. However, do remember that the entire south east asian region has endured a lot of heavy fishing over the years. Don`t expect to be swimming in bateballs all day. Most of the action are on the absolutely gorgeous reefs that really are full of critters and corals.

Most of the dives they make are drift dives along colorful, dramatic walls of coral. We also offer partial drop-off dives, seamount dives, slopes and caverns.

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