Plancius (boat)Completely rebuilt as a passenger vessel in 2009, Plancius was originally an oceanographic research vessel for the Royal Dutch Navy. Although comfortable and nicely decorated she is not a luxury vessel. Voyages in the Antarctic regions are primarily defined by an exploratory educational travel program, spending as much time ashore as possible. The vessel offers a restaurant/lecture room, an observation lounge with bar and large open decks.


Plancius offers 53 passenger cabins with private toilet and shower. There are quadruple porthole cabins, 2 triple porthole cabins, 9 twin porthole cabins, 26 twin cabins with window and 2 twin deluxe cabins, (approx. 15 square meters) and 10 twin superior cabins (approx. 21 square meters).

Superior cabins have one queen-size bed and Twin cabins have side by side lower single beds. The 4 quadruple cabins contain 2 upper and 2 lower beds, and 2 triple cabins have 1 bunk bed (upper and lower) plus 1 lower bed.


Dives in the polar areas range from shallow ice diving along the floes or icebergs to wall dives and shore dives. Sunlight and salt water reflect off of the surrounding ice creating brilliant blues and greens on the formations.

Diving in the Arctic offers not only ice, but also interesting marine life, such as seals, kelp walls, sea snails, crabs, sea butterflies, various Arctic fish, shrubby horsetails, jelly fish, sea hedgehogs and starfish. The possibility of walrus and polar bears in the water make it a true Arctic experience!

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