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Sacha Lodge (lodge)Imagine yourself drifting down a narrow, winding creek surrounded on all sides by a lush, endless sea of tropical greenery. All that separates you from the deep black Amazon waters is a canoe hand-carved out of a single tree trunk. As you maneuver around a bend something unidentified crashes off into the underbrush, and you catch a glimpse of two magnificent, colorful macaws startled into flight. Suddenly, the forest erupts with a roar so loud that all you can imagine is some giant, fierce predator on the prowl. But as you turn to face your destiny, the menace is revealed as a family of furry red howler monkeys huddled together in a treetop. With a sigh of relief you continue onward, deeper into the unknown. This is Sacha Lodge, deep in the Amazon area of Ecuador.


The lodging at Sacha was carefully designed to offer comfort to the traveler yet preserve the environment and rainforest ambience. Each of the ten double cabins, with high thatched roofs and private shaded terraces, is constructed with traditional materials and nestles well-concealed in the lush surroundings. All cabins have modern private bathrooms with hot showers, and are fully screened against insects.

Guests may use free time to enjoy a raised lookout above the bar and lounge, which offers a scenic view of Pilchicocha Lake and excellent opportunities to bird watch. The lodge takes pride in the quality of its meals, and the chefs are happy to prepare special dishes for vegetarians.


In recent years Sacha Lodge has become a favorite destination of both professional and amateur ornithologists. Over 500 species of birds have been registered in the area, and from the tower platform our bird specialist guides have on several occasions reported seeing over eighty species in a single morning!

Trails and raised boardwalks get you close to the flora and fauna of the Amazon. Bilingual naturalist guides lead tours will teach you how to use medicinal plants, where to spot wildlife and other fascinating details about the forest.
One of the most popular trips is following Pilchicocha Lake`s natural black water runoff to the Napo River. In a dugout canoe guests follow this winding stream through untamed palm forest for about an hour, a trip that many choose to repeat. Night canoe trips and walks will reveal a different jungle dominated by giant insects, caimans and other nocturnal animals. Visit Sacha Lodge on 4-day programs starting on Fridays, or on 5-day programs starting on Mondays.
One of Sacha Lodge`s highlights is the 130-foot observation tower, which allows guests to climb into and above the rainforest canopy for a magnificent view of the surrounding area. From the tower`s ample platform it is possible to observe toucans, parrots, and dozens of other colorful bird species in the treetops. With some luck, noisy howler monkeys or the gentle three-toed sloth may also be seen, especially with the aid of a powerful telescope provided by the guides. The tower may be reached on foot via a half-hour walk through terra firma forest.

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