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Wakatobi 02-Wakatobi Dive Resort_View from the end of Jetty_photo by Shawn LevinWakatobi Dive Resort in Sulawesi is an eco-friendly remote paradise for adventurous divers looking for pristine world-class diving far from crowds and commercialism. This charming beach resort has individual bungalows, all built by local craftsmen in traditional style.


There are five levels of accommodations: 4 bungalow styles including the latest addition - Premium Select Bungalows, plus the upscale Cliff Villas. All 4 bungalow styles are of equal floor size and air conditioned. What sets them apart is their location and appointment level. All are available with a combination of a king-size bed and twin beds (up to three adults or two adults and two children). All bungalows are beautifully hand-crafted in wood. They are spacious and, some would say, homely. With a balcony in front as well as a couple of lounge chairs with umbrella there`s space to sit back and relax. There`s a desk with internet access, a mini-bar and a safe.

The Garden Bungalows

These very comfortable "cabanas" are located slightly behind and in-between the front-row bungalows amidst beautiful palm trees and other tropical plants.These are available both the south and west section of the Resort.

The Beach Bungalows

Front row with an ocean view on the south beach. See the fish jump, hear the gentle waves and listen to the birds - all while seated on the balcony or in one of the comfortable lounge chairs in front of your Bungalow. These are the units with the best breeze from the ocean and is an excellent choice for those who prefer to enjoy a holiday in the tropics without the use of air conditioning (all units have AC for those that wants it a bit cooler).

The Premium Bungalows

The Premimum Bungalows are of the same construction and size as the Beach Bungalows, but are located on the western beach facing the sunset. A little extra care has gone into their interior and they have small upgrades such as own marine life library, torch for walks at night and more.

The Premium Select Bungalows

The Premium select bungalows are our four original premium bungalows (those on the north side of the jetty) that have received a complete interior makeover. They`re simply gorgeous! And they have a huge front porch with comfortable lounge beds / cushions and a stunning view.

The Cliff Villas

Located on the northern end of the resort beach these villas are perched on the cliffs (only a few feet up really) with superb views over the ocean and sunset. With a modern design and earthy materials such as wood, glass and sandstone they are more spacious than the Bungalows and equipped for luxurious comfort and relaxation. For couples seeking the best - these are our nicest rooms.


Well-traveled divers - many who have visited numerous famous dive destinations all over the world - frequently rave that they have never seen such a vast, pristine and enjoyable reef area. There are literally hundreds of world class dive sites -- many still unexplored.

There is an incredible number of dive sites and the resort provides greater freedom than any other operator (within the limits of safety) to explore them. Wakatobi lets you dive as long and as deep as your certification allows. Boat dives are extended to a full 75 min., and house reef dives are of unlimited length. Considering the incredible variety of hard and soft corals comprising the resorts healthy reefs extend from just below the surface, it`s a pleasure making long safety stops and enjoying long, relaxed dives - at your own pace.

Experiencing a large variety of marine creatures on your trip to Wakatobi is guaranteed simply by just visiting the beautiful house reef, only a few fin strokes away from the dive center. Visitors have frequently described this reef as the Best House Reef in the World. It features several species of clownfish in a variety of anemone hosts, turtles, rays, batfish, crocodile fish, scorpion fish, ghost pipe fish, frog fish, razorfish, sea snakes, porcelain crabs, nudibranchs, blue-ringed octopus, cuttlefish, leaf fish, 4 (four) species of pygmy seahorses and many, many more (too many to list).

On your exploration of this coral heaven you will - when entering the water by the resort - swim through three different habitats, namely: sand, sea grass and corals. Each is amazing in its own right. Frequently photographers take dozens of shots only in the seagrass, as it teems with life.

With dive light in hand, at night the house reef becomes the most colorful and vibrant show of nature`s splendor you can think of.

The resort’s highly qualified professional dive staff are second to none in the industry. All of the dive guides are trained instructors, with an average of 3,000 dives each. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment is their upmost concern. Regardless of your skill level, they will take the time to make sure you have a great time cruising the reefs. For advanced divers, there are also instructor-level guides with cave diving and rebreather specialties. And naturally, all of the guides know the reefs of Wakatobi like the back of their hand. If there`s a critter you have always wanted to see (like a pygmy seahorse?), they will know the place to find it.


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